. . . Tuesday November 9, 2004

Cultural Insanity

Some quotes from terrorists in a Falluja safehouse two days before the U.S. and Iraqi combat mission got started.

“I had a vision yesterday that tomorrow I would finally be granted the martyrdom.”

“This is not fair. I have been here for months now.”

“Don’t worry … It is either victory or martyrdom, and both are great honors.”

“A friend was injured in an attack. They took him to the hospital. When he opened his eyes he saw a beautiful woman. He cheered and thanked God that he had finally become a martyr and was granted one of the divine virgins. But then he realized that he was still alive and started crying.”

“Even if your body was totally torn out, all that you will feel is a slight itch.”

I have no doubt that the coalition troops will ultimately take Falluja. But during the election season and through the selling of the so-called war on terror as a simple battle of good v evil, we may have lost sight of the broader problem here.

You can shoot the life out of someone. But how do you get the crazy out of a culture?

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