. . . Monday November 15, 2004

Crazy Like a Firefox

The browser wars are officially back on. And this time around it should be even more fun. It’s the open source community vs Redmond. And so far, in terms of quality and buzz, the global team behind Firefox is burying Microsoft.

But we all know those wins don’t always lead to a dominant positions when it comes to marketshare.

Since last week, more than a million copies of Firefox 1.0 have been downloaded. Given how horrible Explorer is, that number seems disturbingly low to me. Keeping tabs from the masses was a nothing short of a crime against webmanity.

If you are a Windows user and you’re viewing this in Explorer. Stop everything and download Firefox. Mac users might want to flip back and forth between Safari and Firefox. I still prefer the former by a smidgen. If you’re a Mac user and you’re using Explorer, you should have your computer revoked.

Concentration is important!