. . . Tuesday November 9, 2004

Concession Stand

Steve Poizner seemed to have all the ingredients to win a California State Assembly seat out of the Silicon Valley. He was a moderate Republican (beyond the borders of California, you call these Democrats), he spent more than $6 million on his election, he had the strong backing of Arnold and won several newspaper endorsements. In lonely non-swing state, the few political commercials we heard on the radio around here were either for propositions or for Steve Poizner.

Still, it wasn’t to be. In a mostly Democratic district, Poizner lost a close race to his opponent, Ira Ruskin. Even though it was only a district race (with few enough votes cast that they could’ve been counted on an Abacus), Poizner’s concession call didn’t come until early this week. He called Ruskin on his cell phone.

Ruskin took the concession call while in Sacramento where he was attending an orientation for new legislators.

Concentration is important!