. . . Tuesday November 9, 2004

The Carb-erator

I have been, during certain periods of my life (10-20 year periods), a two boxes of pasta at one sitting kind of guy. I am an obsessive eater (as you’re reading this, I am in deep deliberations over what to have for dinner) and a vegetarian.

One could call me a Carb Ass.

Passover is my week of living hell.

In the last six months or so, inspired by an article in GQ written by my friend Andrew Corsello, I’ve been taking off some extra weight.

This has mostly been the result of regular runs up the side of Mt Tam in Marin County. But I’ve also been watching my weight. At the advice of my shrink (which is basically the equivalent of a personal trainer for a Jew), I gave some serious thought to limiting my “pasta binges to, say, one box.”

Of course, limiting the amount of carbs one eats is a good thing. And there are a couple of non-complex reasons for this (and neither involves wolfing down eggs and sausage in an effort to send the body into the state of ketosis). First, high carb foods tend to have a lot of calories. Second, high carb foods tend to taste a lot better when smothered in high fat foods.

But beyond that, I’m not buying into the carb craziness.

Italians eat a lot of pasta. They’re skinny compared to us. The Japanese eat of a lot of white rice. They’re way skinnier.

Stop gluttony and start running. That was my strategy.

I must tell you that the mythological distinction between net carbs and regular carbs, or good carbs and bad carbs, had no impact.

It looks like the carb obsession is finally cooling off. But there will be a new diet craze to take its place. We’ll debunk that one when it gets here. In the meantime, my water is boiling.

Concentration is important!