. . . Monday November 29, 2004

The Big Media Remix

Over at PressThink, Jay Rosen samples 21 different writers who all indicate that the real big loser in the recent election was mainstream media.

Some people think that the media is hopelessly liberal, wanted Kerry to win, and couldn’t pull it off. This perception, more widely held than ever, is largely the result of an effective multi-decade smear campaign orchestrated by conservatives in an effort to debase any institutions (universities, news organizations) that could dig beneath their talking points. The mainstream media abandoned their liberalism (and their intellectual elitism) in the face of the constant criticisms.

If anything, the media failed in its reponsibility to act as a check on power, offering less cynicism about the march to an optional war than they did to an Oval Office blowjob. The media allowed being skeptical to be viewed as something other than doing a good job.

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