. . . Tuesday November 2, 2004

Are We Entering an Age of Reason?

A lot of bloggers are already pointing to some Kerry, Kerry favorable exit polls (although the early ones are rarely accurate and no one is quite saying where these came from).


AZ 45-55

CO 48-51

LA 42-57

MI 51-48

WI 52-48

PA 60-40

OH 52-48

FL 51-48

MICH 51-47

NM 50-48

MINN 58-40

WISC 52-43

IOWA 49-49

NH 57-41

And the Kerry blog folks are loving the early turnout numbers:

- In Florida 33,000 more Democrats have voted than Republicans.

- In Iowa, 45,000 more Democrats have voted than Republicans. According to a Des Moines Register poll we have an 11 point advantage with these voters. 22% are new or sporadic voters.

- In New Mexico 20% more Democrats have voted than Republicans – a 26,000 person advantage. And in Nevada an equal number of Democrats and Republicans have voted in 2004.

While I share the confidence expressed in these real or fake, important or meaningless numbers, there is another story that is suggests that this might be a done deal.

Americans are finally getting over the low carb craze. And it’s just in time. I don’t think I could have taken four more years.

I’m off to get several bagels and place my vote.

Concentration is important!