. . . Wednesday October 13, 2004

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Everything is political.

In an era marked by the bottom-up free for all that is the rise of the blogger, there are still some folks using old school methods to make an impact. But what happens if that impact becomes less about the bottom line and more about core beliefs? Or, what if both just happen to line up perfectly?

What if you controlled a blog (or say, a whole bunch of TV stations) that was automatically piped into millions of living rooms whether those on the receiving end liked it or not? (Think of it as an RSS feed into your unconscious.)

Jay Rosen provides this summary of what the latest moves by Sinclair might mean in the longterm.

“Sinclair Broadcasting’s inexact plan to air Stolen Honor in the weeks before the election is an unprecedented move, and it signals the arrival of a new combination in broadcasting: a political empire made of television stations.”

Goodbye reality TV. Hello TV reality.

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