. . . Tuesday October 12, 2004

Time for Big Media to Join the Fight

It’s been impressive to witness the speed and incisiveness with which so many of those in the blogosphere have moved to take on Sinclair and their band of partisan whack jobs. In addition to targetting Sinclair execs, bloggers have quickly outed those behind the Kerry attack-video and contacted advertisers that support Sinclair broadcasts.

We’ve also seen Democratic party leaders move to confront Sinclair’s effort to lopside the pre-election coverage piped into the homes of millions of voters.

But what about those who stand to lose the most by Sinclair’s decision to brazenly back a horse in this election?

I’m talking about mainstream media outlets. It’s these same media organizations who have allowed themselves to be slapped around enough by the phony charges of liberal bias that they’ve become unable to perform their duty as a check on the balance of power in this country.

The airing of a partisan hack job on Sinclair’s stations will not only mark a sick victory for rabid right wingers. It will also plunge another dagger into the heart of a mainstream press seemingly unable or unwilling to defend itself.

That’s why you hear all those corks popping on the other side of this messaging war.

The strategy of those on the far right has long been to soil that which mainstream America holds dear. Academia is attacked. Liberalism is attacked. The media is attacked. Everything with a functioning braincell between reality and the story they’re trying to sell had to be systemically discredited.

Well, it’s time for those who have been attacked to take to the mountaintops before it’s too late. Forget the new-fangled word Progressives. Liberals need to take back their good name (Wednesday night wouldn’t be a bad time to start). Smart and learned people need to stand up to the phony swaggers and fake accents of those were in fact educated in the world’s most hallowed and privileged halls.

And mainstream media had better strap it on and get in this fight. They can’t be unbiased about the future of their own relevancy. And they can’t expect guys like Josh Marshall to save them all on his own.

Concentration is important!