. . . Saturday October 2, 2004

This Baby is Back On

The race, which looked to be slipping away from Team Kerry as recently as 72 hours ago, is back on. The tightly honed message and close knit campaign team that had taken the President this far was of no use under the hot lights on the stage in front of the silent debate hall audience in Miami. More than 60 million people watched the debate. All the spin in the world didn’t help the Bush team to shift viewers’ opinions away with what they saw with their own eyes.

Bush failed, well, a global test of sorts.

After the debate I took my own advice and turned off the television and just gave a personal reflection of what I saw. I concluded my thoughts with this:

Mark my words. At the worst, this is now a dead heat.

I will admit that after reading, hearing and seeing some of the more tempered takes on the night, I doubted my own perception. And I will also admit that had I waited an hour and watched some of the post-debate analysis, I would have changed my own post and predicted a more modest bounce. I also began to worry about the expected effectiveness of the Bush team’s post-debate spin (although, as Matt Gross pointed out, there wasn’t much time to spin before Americans turned their attentions away from the media and onto the weekend).

So there were many reasons I was extremely interested to see what some of the latest polls would tell us.

According to Newsweek, the President’s lead has evaporated.

Concentration is important!