. . . Sunday October 10, 2004

Taking the Gloves Off Sanestream Media

The whole notion of an evil, liberal mainstream press did not come from nowhere. It also didn’t come from some gradual realization among viewers that they weren’t getting the whole truth.

It is part of a very systematic plot (decades long) to discredit mainstream media along with academia and any other societal pillars that might do the one thing that would be most likely to poke holes in the Right’s well-planned and well-executed rise to power. What is that one thing?

Making people think.

Everyone knows on a basic level that the real bias in media can be seen over at Fox News and other like outfits. But that doesn’t matter. Constant messaging works and mainstream media has grown gun-shy in the face of the constant criticisms and attacks. And they’ve let us down. The checks and balances that we depend on when the country is considering, say, the launching of war, are nowhere to be found.

How confident is the Right that they have won the messaging war when it comes the media bias (much in the same way the Bush team won the Iraq pre-emption messaging battle which we now know flew directly into a reality headwind)?

Well, Sinclair Broadcast Group (the outfit that refused to show Nightline’s reading of the names of soldiers killed in Iraq) will be airing an anti-Kerry documentary on all of their many stations in the days before the election. And the guy behind the documentary used to write for the Washington Times.

When you’ve got truth on the run the way the attackers of mainstream media do, you don’t even have to pretend to care about bias. It’s the same kind of hubris that allows Dick Cheney to say (with a straight face) that the latest CIA report bolsters the adminstration’s case for war.

It’s the same overconfidence in one’s ability to mislead that allows rich guys from Harvard and Yale to attack what they call the intellectual elite.

Reminder: I am elite. And so are you…

Do you think that John Edwards feels like he was doing an interview (otherwise known as the Deaniac torture hour) with the liberal press this morning on Meet the Press.

Jay Rosen thinks that Sinclair will offer Kerry a chance to respond to the “documentary” and that he should take it. Josh Marshall has takes on media bias and more on the guy who made the documentary.

Here’s my take:

Mainstream (or let’s just call them Sane-stream) media should take the gloves off. They’ve been beaten into a corner by the constant attacks from Fox, GOP radio and Republican politicians.

Mainstreamers can’t stand by and watch Sinclair get away with this one. If they want to show an anti-Kerry documentary, then other stations should play 90 minutes straight of Bushisms. They should then play another couple hours of Bush and Cheney comments on WMDs, being greeted as liberators, nuclear threats from Saddam and the transparently shifting rationale for going to war. No commentary. No creative editing. The straight story from the mouths of those who led us down the road to war.

This is the balanced news we’ve been robbed off in this age of the cowering mainstream press that has at times been more aggressive in their coverage of Mark Peterson than their coverage of George W Bush. And it’s time for that mainstream press to fight its way back into relevancy.

Concentration is important!