. . . Tuesday October 19, 2004

The Stuffed-Up Ballot Box

For the last several months, the presidential campaigns have been fixated on a few major issues. For months, it was all about Iraq and the war on terror. Then it spread to a few of the old mainstays like social security, jobs, swiftboats and healthcare.

But there are many issues that have been totally ignored throughout the election. I mean, are we really going to have a presidential election during which the Dem is not accused of being soft on crime? I had the feeling that sooner or later some of these issues might be brought to the forefront. It just wouldn’t be an election without them.

But I really never imagined that the issue we’d be talking about would be flu shots.

Next we’ll hear the candidates debating over who has a better plan to deal with the threat posed by Cialis-induced erections that can be dangerous if they last more than four hours. Hey, if you really want to connect with soccer and security moms, why not focus on an issue that really worries them?

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