. . . Monday October 11, 2004

Staying out of the Speakeasy

First, a disclaimer. I’m not sure of any of the conclusions implied by the following piece of video. I have often written here that I think it is a big mistake to write off the President as being dense. I also think it might be jumping to conclusions to suggest that he’s suffering from presenile dementia or any of the other various theories offered and or implied by the textual commentary. Hey, if he’s demented, what does that say about him winning one presidential election and being neck and neck in a second?

And I’m pretty sure that having an increasingly thick and masculine Texan accent even though you’ve lived in Washington for the last four years is not a symptom of any form of dementia.

But I do think it is worth taking note of how Bush communicated a decade ago as compared to how he communicates now. If I had to make a diagnosis, I would say he suffers from a ongoing allegiance to his own strategy. His current way of talking won him the White House. Tough to argue with that.

Those disclaimers and takes behind us, take a look at Bush the speaker, then and now.

Concentration is important!