. . . Tuesday October 26, 2004

Star Hazing

CNN has just reported that Arnold has made his final decision. He will in fact appear with W at an event in Ohio in an effort to show support for the President. This should be Arnold’s most challenging acting stretch since Kindergarten Cop.

Meanwhile, the Dems will counter one day of Arnold with three days of Bruce Springsteen.

Back at GOP headquarters, Karl Rove ripped John Kerry for having to roll Bill Clinton in off of “the operating table.”

It’s a strange criticism from the guy who help Zell Miller escape from his straight jacket.

The GOP still has their secret celebrity weapon: Ron Silver. And, my friends, no one can bring out the crowds like Ron Silver.

And I haven’t even mentioned the Dems very own October surprise:


(Apparently Madonna couldn’t pull in the Kabbalist vote on her own).

The only effective way for the GOP to counter Ashton is to recruit another star who can garner the attention of young voters. I’d like to suggest Ashlee Simpson for the job.

She gave at least twelve different reasons (including blaming her band) for her lip synching debacle on SNL the other night and ended up settling on a story about a bad case of acid reflux. Is there a young star out there who is more ready to answer questions about the missing munitions in Iraq?

I still think the battle of networking stars will come down to one final question.

Who can get Beyonce?

Concentration is important!