. . . Wednesday October 13, 2004

Sean Hannity with a Cherry on Top

It’s not just Howard Stern. It turns out that the FCC is going after 169 (suggestive content created by the last two digits apparently inadvertent) Fox stations for the airing of an April 2003 episode of Married by America that featured digitally obscured nudity and strippers covered in whipped-cream.

Remember, this is the company that owns a news channel where they constantly warn us that the sanctity of marriage must be protected. From what, chocolate syrup?

Unlike Howard Stern, Fox wants to have it both ways. They want you to believe their conservative news channel where the likes of Sean Hannity stand up for their version of family values. Meanwhile, they want to make good money from their peddling of the same smut (only worse) than one would find on the other networks.

Don’t get me wrong. I like the smut. I think the FCC (and the sad folks who spend their careers lobbying them to severely punish every naughty word and every partially exposed boobie) should stop wasting their time on this harmless nonsense and start worrying about Sinclair broadcasting, etc.

But it’s important to really understand what’s going on here. The power players behind Fox want to titillate you with their primetime shows and then slap those mysterious cultural evil-doers on their news channel.

This is the company that counts their money from movies and television shows at the same that time they invite the moral police on their news sets to complain about the influence of Hollywood.

Guess what? In both cases it’s just an act being performed for entertainment. Sooner or later, they’ll get smart and transparently combine the two forces. You’ll know it’s happened when Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly are delivering their version of the news while stripped down and covered with whipped cream.

Just remember where you heard about the idea first. I’ve been blogging like that for years.

Update: Looks like they’re doing it already!!!

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