. . . Thursday October 28, 2004

Pollster Vaulting: You’ve Been Luntz’d

How intense are the feelings of general contempt that have been stirred up during the last few months of this heated campaign?

People are even furious at the pollsters. And I don’t just mean they’re accusing them of being wrong. They are marching on newspaper headquarters to demand that pollsters be fired. Entire movements are focusing part of their efforts at going after the numbers crunchers.

Pollsters shouldn’t be surprised. Everyone from beat writers to the guy who sells batteries for electronic voting machines has become a target.

I’ve been having a recurring dream in which a bunch of security moms burst out of the side door of an unmarked van and start to beat the living hell out of Frank Luntz as one of them with a bullhorn explains that he doesn’t know a thing about them or about women in general. As Luntz is about to lose consciousness he looks up at his attackers and says: “Zogby sent you, didn’t he?”

Who will be next to feel the wrath of the rabid partisans?

I’ve got an idea. Let’s go after the bastards who think they’re above the fray…

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