. . . Wednesday October 20, 2004

The No Pull and Twist Zone

Anyone who is a regular watcher of Bill O’Reilly knows that he sort of into porn. He has pornstars on his show when it’s not really all that necessary and he seems to like them, a lot.

Am I trying to criticize or criminalize Bill O’Reilly’s interest in that which titillates? Hell no. He is not alone. That’s why porn is such big business in this country. That’s why major corporations are some of the biggest beneficiaries of the dollars spent on porn. That’s why just about every friggin’ hotel room in America has on-demand porn movies. And even though they are bad porn movies, a ridiculous percentage of hotel guests drop the fifteen bucks to watch one.

No, I’m not criticizing the voice of Fox News for being sort of into porn. The problem is what he’s doing with his other hand: Pointing the finger at everyone else for being immoral.

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