. . . Tuesday October 19, 2004

Muted By Science

Earlier this year, 48 Nobel laureates put down their beakers and their petri dishes long enough to endorse John Kerry (now you see why hammering academia and the intellectual elite is so core to the GOP strategy). The Nobel winners wrote: “Unlike previous administrations, Republican and Democratic alike, the Bush administration has ignored unbiased scientific advice in the policy making that is so important to our collective welfare.”

That was an important moment. But what the scientific community (and the humans they represent) really needs is folks from the inside to step up and say enough is enough.

But those who work in the Bush administration yet oppose their way of ignoring or manipulating science face a dilemma illustrated in this NYT article:

“Yet complaints about the administration’s approach to scientific information are coming even from within the government. Many career scientists and officials have expressed frustration and anger privately but were unwilling to be identified for fear of losing their jobs.”

Is this true? Who knows? We have suggested evidence that it is, but without people being willing to come forward, it’s not much use.

Of course, we’ve heard similar suggestions about the road to war with Iraq and the lack of planning. This week we”ve read that there was virtually no planning for the second phase of the war. At the time it mattered, we heard no such thing (at least not loud and clear on the record).

These jobs must be really, really great. What, are they giving them Google stock at the Pentagon?

The irony is that if people did have the guts to come forward, this race might be over by now. Then they could just get hired back in a few months.

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