. . . Monday October 18, 2004

Mr. Franks Goes to Washington (and fits right in)

Tommy Franks, it turns out, has made a swift, seamless (dare I say catastrophic) transition to the game of politics, complete with one-sided Op-Ed pieces:

“Many hurdles remain, of course. But the gravest danger would result from the withdrawal of American troops before we finish our work. Today we are asking our servicemen and women to do more, in more places, than we have in decades. They deserve honest, consistent, no-spin leadership that respects them, their families and their sacrifices. The war against terrorism is the right war at the right time for the right reasons. And Iraq is one of the places that war must be fought and won. George W. Bush has his eye on that ball and Senator John Kerry does not.”

I’ve never been much of a fan of the Kerry Tora Bora outsourcing argument (which Franks disputes in the piece), but still, there are a couple of outstanding questions:

Is Tommy Franks fighting for his own legacy or for a future gig? And if this moment in time is so critical, why isn’t Franks writing orders instead of editorials?

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