. . . Monday October 18, 2004

Margin of Error: 99%

The polls have been so inconsistent and so varied that when we wake up each morning, we rarely have any idea who is going be doing the lying that day. Oh, we lost 8 points in the past week. That’s just where we want to be. You’ve got to look at the internals.

Come on. In politics, it’s all about the externals.

The latest poll from Reuters has the race tied. Bush said that by tying him in the polls, Kerry once again showed a lack of resolve in the war on terror. “We can’t tie the terrorists. We’ve got to beat him,” explained the president. Meanwhile, Kerry blamed Bush for the shoddy state of polling in America.

I wonder if this is about the time we should be polling Supreme Court justices?

We probably put a little too much faith in these polls. In some cases, the margins of error are as high as 5-7%. That means that Ralph Nader could be getting negative 6% of the vote. Actually, that sounds about right.

Concentration is important!