. . . Tuesday October 12, 2004

The Man Who Knew Too Much

The Washington Post has an interesting look at the managerial style of John Kerry:

“I saw for the first time John’s ability to take in huge amounts of information, reach out to experts, set a course and lead,” said J. William Codinha, who succeeded Kerry in the Middlesex County district attorney’s office and now heads the litigation department at Nixon Peabody in Boston.

Almost 25 years later, Kerry brought the same voracious appetite for information to his presidential campaign. He has three dozen domestic policy councils, two dozen foreign policy groups, an expanding corps of consultants, and many informal advisers he calls — about 15 per night — before going to bed.”

As I’ve written before (Running, Ruling and Reason), the Kerry style is likely the best way to lead, especially in an increasingly complex world. But it may not always be the most efficient way to run.

Concentration is important!