. . . Saturday October 23, 2004

Making Masada out of Molehills

Krauthammer offers up the latest attempt to scare the Kerry vote out of you. He will sacrifice Israel. Meanwhile, a group called the Jewish Press regurgitates the Bush talking points in their endorsement of the incumbent.

But let’s review this for a second. Bush ignored the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for two key reasons. One, he didn’t really get it. Two, he had (and has) a contempt for everything Clinton. Now I appreciate the hardline on Arafat as much as the next person, but I don’t quite understand how anyone can see the last four years as being an era of a stellar record on Israel.

This period has been marked by an incredible surge in violence – both suicide bombings in Israel and not-so-targeted killings in the territories. It is also a period that has been marked by a growing sense of hopelessness among these populations who have rarely had reasons to hope for peace in the past. Oh yeah. And there is a now a friggin wall between the two peoples.

Bush has succeeded in talking tough about Arafat and terrorists. But anyway you look at it, this has been a terrible period in Israeli-Palestinian history. Now, no one is suggesting that any president could necessarily fix modern history’s most intractable dispute. But who would possibly try to sell a record that is so bad as being so good that we can’t possibly move forward without the current White House team?

Oh, you know who. You know exactly who.

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