. . . Wednesday October 27, 2004

Life and Death in the Land of Milk and Honey

Two enemies are both fighting for their lives. Ariel Sharon is fighting for his political life while the deterioration of Yasser Arafat’s health has reportedly left him in critical condition.

Earlier, Arafat insiders had described his condition as the stomach flu. Now it looks like he is suffering from something more serious. There’s really no way for outsiders to know the state of his condition at this point.

Those who seek Middle East peace may quietly (or loudly) revel at the notion of Arafat’s demise. But the chairman has never picked a successor and if he dies, there are many possibilities (most of which would be bloody) for what will happen in the territories and in the peace process. It’s almost impossible to believe that this man’s legacy (even the legacy of his own death) would be in any way connected to peace.

Update: Doctors have diagnosed Arafat with a blood platelet deficiency. The chairman has been advised to head to Paris for more tests. Doctors also recommended that he scale back on funding and masterminding the murders of innocent civilians until he’s had plenty of bedrest.

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