. . . Monday October 25, 2004

Ivy League Insurgents

Why would a president who went to Harvard and Yale and grew up the son of the world’s most powerful person try to position himself as opposed to the intellectual elite? He has to. At the core of the GOP strategy is a need to attract less-educated voters.

But how? First, you dumb down the president, play up his Texan accent and then pretend that every issue facing our government is simple.

Second, you attack the halls of academia and the mainstream media and anyone else who could use logic and reason against the blind faith on which you’ve built your house of cards.

According to a recent report from Democracy Corps, there is a huge education gap among voters.

“Today, there is now a 12-point education gap. Kerry is winning college educated voters by 10 points but losing the non-college graduates by 2 points. This emergence of the Education Gap is the new story of this election.”

In order to win, the GOP must discredit thought leaders. You don’t need a postgraduate degree to know that’s a pretty sad strategy.

Concentration is important!