. . . Wednesday October 27, 2004

The Incredibly Decideds

While the campaigns have been fixated on the undecideds, this election may go down as one that is really about the incredibly decideds. A whole lot of absentee minded people made their choice easily and early.

The number of absentee ballots that have already been sent in is so high that some reports suggest more than 11% of voters have already voted. Apparently, procrastination no longer ranks highly as a civic duty.

Maybe some voters see themselves in the position of football team attempting a last second field goal. They want to leave enough extra time on the clock in case there is a fumbling of their ballot somewhere along the way. If I lived in Florida, I would’ve made my first attempt to vote sometime in early June.

And it’s not just absentee and early voting in the U.S. The demand for overseas absentee ballots (from the military and civilians) has gone through the roof. The high number of ballots coming in from overseas probably will not come as good news to Team Bush. Luckily for Dems, W has proven fairly inept when it comes to sealing borders.

Oh come on, let’s just start counting.

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