. . . Friday October 29, 2004

If You Don’t Know Me By Now

Here’s a challenge. Resist the urge to predict what impact the new bin Laden remix will have on the U.S. presidential election. If you are a rabid Bush supporter, then the tape is further proof of the evil-doers in the world and a reminder that W is our leader in the struggle against Osama. If you are a rabid Kerry supporter, then the tape serves as evidence that the real threat to America is still at large and apparently has been doing just fine while our military efforts have been focused elsewhere. If you are a sensible and reasonably intelligent supporter of either man, then this tape (or any other monologues from sociopathic mass murderers) will have no effect on your voting plans.

That leaves us with a handful of those who are both senseless and undecided who may read Osama’s words and only then make their final decision. The only thing more ridiculous than their behavior is the behavior of all of the so-called experts who, five minutes after the tape was aired, were already totally certain which way it would swing those voters who no one has been able to figure out since this election began.

In the tape, Osama said that neither Bush nor Kerry held America’s security in his hands. Maybe this was really a subliminal endorsement of the Nader-Camejo ticket?

Concentration is important!