. . . Saturday October 30, 2004

The Guts to Abandon Reason

David Brooks continues to, well, completely spaz out. This time it’s in response to the Osama tape:

“One of the crucial issues of this election is, Which candidate fundamentally gets the evil represented by this man? Which of these two guys understands it deep in his gut – not just in his brain or in his policy statements, but who feels it so deep in his soul that it consumes him?”

That’s cute. But here’s the real story.

Everyone knows how dangerous the terrorists are. The key question of this election is which of these guys can do a better job leading the fight against terrorists. Intellect and strategy both count. The goal is effectiveness not childish bluster from people who are unconsciously trying to settle a score with the bullies who stole their lunch money.

So far, it looks like Osama is functioning pretty well even when pitted against a President whose soul is consumed.

This column is another reminder that it is Brooks and so many like him who have been consumed by partisanship and blinded by the Bush messaging machine. This is a campaign tactic, David. Not even W himself believes this garbage to the extent that you do.

Concentration is important!