. . . Monday October 11, 2004

George W de Paris

It’s come to this. Even the President’s tailor is chiming in on the mystery bulge that appeared between W’s shoulder blades during the first debate.

According to the Seattle Times:

Georges de Paris, who made the suit worn by Bush, said the bulge was nothing more than a pucker along the jacket’s back seam, accentuated when the president crossed his arms and leaned forward.

A pucker? Let’s at least call it a smirk…

Life has become a Saturday Night Live skit.

One could justifiably ask why a tailor (with four decades of presidential suit making under his sash) would admit to what seems like a pretty obvious design flaw in his latest creation. One could also do a quick psychological analysis on a person who employs the unusual body language of crossing arms while leaning forward. But more interesting is that W goes around the country bashing the French while wearing a suit made by a guy named Paris. I always expected this President to have his suits made by Wrangler.

A Frenchy making his suits … What’s next, accessory work by Carson Kressley?

I don’t think W was cheating. But the seam pucker theory leaves me wanting. Until I hear something that convinces me otherwise, I’m sticking with my own theory.

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