. . . Saturday October 9, 2004

A Few Other Sore Spots (and Missed Oppts)

Following last night’s debate, President Bush won the key endorsement of The Committee to Stop Off Road Diesel Engines, Relieve Inner City Sore Spots, and Demand an Increase of Wetlands by at Least 3 Million. The group thus far has refused to offer any indication about what units they are referring to in the the 3 million demand, hoping instead to lure John Kerry into offering his own unit of measurement. They’re convinced it’ll be metric.

Mistakes, You’ve Made a Few

Josh makes an interesting point on the Bush mistakes answer:

In the Bush world you never admit mistakes. The only mistakes the president can think of are the times he appointed people who do admitted mistakes — who put reality above loyalty to the president.

This ties in nicely with my take on the recent Bremer flap and follow up op-ed.

I still think that Kerry could have scored a knockout had he offered up his own list of mistakes that he himself has made. The contrast would’ve been so dramatic and it would have left voters with more words to support the visual; Kerry as thoughtful father figure, Bush as, not that.

That Sense of Dred

Yes, there is much talk of the President getting the Dred Scott case a little wrong and the fact that he joked of wanting potential Supreme Court justices to vote for him (totally missing the irony). But there was another portion of the Supreme Court Justice question that caught my attention.

Bush explained: “And that’s the kind of judge I’m going to put on there. No litmus test except for how they interpret the Constitution.”

Wait a second. Isn’t that the only kind of litmus test that could possibly matter when it comes to appointing a Supreme Court Justice? What other test could come into play; whether they wear their crosses on the inside or outside of their robes?

The Petty Pulpit

The day after the second debate, Bush is continuing his attacks on Kerry. Does anyone else remember an incumbent spending this much time focused on the challenger. Where is the vision? Where are the heart-felt stories about mothers giving him the badge of their son who fell victim on 9-11? Where is Bush’s discussion of the diversity in his cabinet?

I predicted that the Iraq reports would send Bush into an one-note campaign: Ripping John Kerry. He’s doing that, but he’s also overdoing it. How much better was W during his closing statement last night than he was when he was screaming at the audience about how terrible Kerry is? He even attacked on issues related to faith.

Isn’t there anyone on the Bush team to warn the President that he is giving up his few good qualities in the name of a Roveian attack?

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