. . . Thursday October 28, 2004

Extremists Among Us

In Israel today, we are reminded that extremism in the name of any religion is equally rabid and must be stopped. Because of his backing of a plan to pull out of Gaza, most security experts believe that there will be one of not many attempts on Ariel Sharon’s life. These days serve as a stark reminder of the fall of Rabin at the hands of a Jewish extremist.

And it’s not just Sharon. Some Israeli extremists also plan to carry out terrorist attacks against the Israeli military. Sound familiar?

Does graffiti on a wall that reads: “We finished off Rabin and we will finish off Sharon,” strike you as being any more sane that the diatribes spewed by Al Qaeda operatives?

Religious extremism is like a virus. It is dangerous when it approaches from the outside. But it is far more deadly when it is allowed to fester from within.

The madness, in all of its forms, associated with religion is the chief threat facing the world today. The one bit of hope I have is my own deep disgust with those who have hijacked my own religion. If Jews are willing to root out the extremists among us, maybe Muslims will do the same. The high road is probably the only viable path out of this.

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