. . . Sunday October 31, 2004

Edwards: Running Mate – Favre: Passing Mate

Don’t waste our time with a state by state electoral analysis…

As long as the Redskins have been the Redskins, the result of their final home game before the election has accurately predicted the outcome of the presidential race. If the Skins win, so does the incumbent. If the Skins lose, the challenger takes over the White House.

So, what was the final score?

Packers: 28

Redskins: 14

Something tells me that green and yellow will be the in colors at the hippest inaugural balls. I still see Kerry winning the popular vote by more than a touchdown.

In somewhat related news, the Vikings got crushed in their game against the NY Giants – despite being favored and despite this latest addition to their huddle.

(Note: the specifics of my weekly football pool bets have no bearing on that which I consider newsworthy…)

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