. . . Tuesday October 26, 2004

Don’t Follow the Money

The Bush administration will ask for another $70 billion in funding for operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Note to Team Kerry: Don’t follow the money. It’s a green herring.

War costs what war costs. The issues here include the Bush decision to go into Iraq, his performance since we got there, his clear lack of understanding of what would take place following major combat operations, the shift of focus from Al Qaeda to Iraq and the unwillingness to take outside advice.

Hours after Sept 11, Wolfowitz and Rummy were pushing to go into Iraq because, as they argued, we needed to get an easy win. The brains behind that prediction and that logic are still running our military efforts in the region. Focus on that. Don’t let Bush get you into a pissing match over who is willing to spend more to support our troops.

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