. . . Monday October 18, 2004

A Democrat on ‘Roids?

Arnold Backs CA Stem Cell Prop:

“I’m very much interested in stem cell research. I support it 100 percent … I hope that it will win, so that eventually, 10 years from now, people will be saved from those terrible illnesses.”

Arnold on his differences with the President:

“We disagree on several issues, and I think everyone knows those issues, but you know, the Republican Party goes all the way from the right to the center, just as the Democratic Party goes from the center to the left. I think I’m much more in the center, and maybe the president is not as much to the center. We disagree on some of the issues, but it doesn’t mean I will not vote for him or will not help him.”

Let’s face it. The Bush wing of the GOP hates everything about Arnold other than the fact that he has star power and is willing to be (sort of) part of the team. Arnold personifies the Hollywood thinking (and movie trailer lifestyle) that the Republican party rails against.

You’re almost there, Arnold. A little more body oil and you can slip back to your family and your real party.

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