. . . Monday October 18, 2004

David Brooks Slips Off the Deep End

Fox News has a strategy of inviting particularly incompetent liberals onto their shows and then making them look like fools. I’m now convinced that the NY Times has employed the same strategy when it comes to conservative columnists; only these guys tend to turn looking foolish into a solo act.

This time, it’s David Brooks’ turn:

“So nobody could imagine how incompetent, crude and over-the-top Kerry has been in this final phase of the campaign. At this point, smart candidates are launching attacks that play up the doubts voters already have about their opponents. Incredibly, Kerry is launching attacks that play up doubts voters have about him. Over the past few days, he has underscored the feeling that he will say or do anything to further his career.”

Say or do anything. These guys really have their talking points down. I wonder if they email them around (to take advantage of copy and paste technology) or if they each type them from scratch?

Remember folks, we’re talking about a campaign during which Dick Cheney suggested that a Kerry election might result in a terrorist attack. And Brooks is attacking Kerry’s tactics?

Brooks concludes, “The truth, however, is that voters are not idiots. They are capable of independent thought. If you attack your opponent wildly, ruthlessly, they will come to their own conclusions.”

David, at least pretend you’re being serious. I don’t know what’s worse, your hypocrisy regarding the Kerry campaign tactics or you trying to convince readers that you don’t think voters are idiots when you regularly remind us (including within the body of today’s column) that you most certainly do.

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