. . . Monday October 25, 2004

Davenetics Exclusive: The Incredibles Preview

Yesterday, I was among a lucky few to get to sit in on an advance screening of The Incredibles. Not only did I see the movie, I saw in it the screening room at Pixar’s headquarters. The building is fantastic. You can feel the creativity. The bagels were good, not great.

And the movie?

It is by far the best Pixar flick since the original Toy Story. The rendering, the effects, the sound, all good. But what was truly, well, incredible (and pretty surprising) was the script. While most of the Pixar movies have made side-jokes that would appeal to adults, The Incredibles is a movie that flat-out deals with adult issues like living in the suburbs, passing your prime, dealing with a crap boss at a lousy job, marriage, etc.

It was less like Nemo or A Bug’s Life and more like Office Space meets American Beauty meets Man with the Golden Gun meets Diehard meets Zoolander. Sounds crazy, I know. But trust me.

Couple these themes with the fact that the movie is probably about 20 minutes longer than one would expect, and one has to be worried about whether or not kids will sit through the whole thing.

The answer: Yes. I was in screening room with about 50 children. No one made a peep throughout the popcorn-less presentation. No one moved. And every kid seemed to love it. If I had watched the movie alone, I would have guessed that it is too long and too adult-ish for smaller kids.

Overall it was awesome. A must see. And there will definitely be a part 2. Listen for the director Brad Bird as the voice of the laugh-getting fashion designer.

Pixar has really stepped it up a notch with this movie. And they were already at pretty much the highest notch…

Check out the trailer

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