. . . Tuesday October 26, 2004

Butchering the Tailor’s Story

The battle of the bulge is back.

This morning on GMA, President Bush answered Charlie Gibson’s question about the mystery bulge that is visible in all those pictures from the first debate.

Bush: I don’t know what that is. I mean, it is, uh, it is, it’s a — I’m embarrassed to say it’s a poorly tailored shirt.

Gibson: It was the shirt?

Bush: Yeah, absolutely.

OK, so the buck stops with the tailor. Well guess what? The tailor has a completely different story.

Close readers of this blog will remember that early in the cycle of this story, Georges de Paris – presidential tailor for more than four decades – gave his own take on the bulge controversy.

Was it the shirt? Not according to Paris. He said the bulge was the result of a pucker along the back seam of the President’s jacket.

So, we’ve got a major dispute here. More importantly, W made the mistake of passing the blame onto Paris who he accused of making “a poorly tailored shirt.” And no one is more capable of an October surprise than Georges de Paris who one imagines would like nothing more than to work with a taller model come January.

As for the bulge, I’m still sticking with my original theory.

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