. . . Thursday October 14, 2004

But You Just Don’t Know…

You may think you know, but you just don’t know.

That, at least, is what Bush campaign chairman Marc Racicot seems to be suggesting with this statement about Kerry made in a response to the many polls that indicate Kerry came out better in all three debates.:

“I think he got some style points. We should acknowledge honestly that he is glib and that he’s accomplished and verbose.”

Glib beats ridiculously condescending every time.

I find it interesting that many people are worried about a so-called October surprise. I think we’ve already seen it. The surprise is how completely the Bush team has lost their momentum, their messaging moxie, and their mojo since the first debate before which they were consistently winning at the polls. Part of the trend is of course due to Kerry’s team getting on track. And the news on the ground from Baghdad to Mainstreet hasn’t helped the President. But the fact remains that the Bushies just haven’t been all that good down the stretch. And that is a big surprise.

I think the surprise from the Bush backer’s perspective is that the race is this close this late. They’ve always said that it would be. But I don’t think they really believed it. And for awhile, I’m not sure that the increasingly frustrated Kerry hopefuls believed it either.

Of course, if it’s dirty tricks you’re talking about, then this will serve as an excellent primer.

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