. . . Tuesday October 26, 2004

Busting the Pinata

The news of the missing munitions in Iraq was like a baseball bat striking the broadside of an overstuffed pinata.

Every counter-attack tactic that the Bush team has at their disposal came pouring out.

They wanted to get to the bottom of the story.

They didn’t want to release details of a possibly broader story in a piecemeal fashion. First, they wanted to put all of the pieces together. Oh, and there is no other part of the story.

Then they blamed the Iraqis and insisted that the weapons did not go missing under their watch.

Then they lashed out at the NY Times for writing the story that they insisted, without any evidence, was really just a well-timed hit job. Both Rove and Mehlman blamed the media. Immediately.

Then they said that no one wanted to give them credit for all the munitions that they have successfully guarded and/or destroyed during the course of the war.

Then, of course they, well, you know what they did next. They went after John Kerry for not being strong enough to defend the country. He threw his medals. He changes his mind. He will blow this whole place to smithereens.

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