. . . Monday October 11, 2004

Bush Against Reducing Terror

In a striking development, President Bush has told cheering audiences that he does not want to reduce terror.

Bush blasted the idea of returning to those American days when terrorism was not to focal point of our citizens’ lives. “Our goal is not to reduce terror,” he explained. Bush went on to balk at the notion of reducing terrorist attacks to the level of a nuisance and instead insisted that the only acceptable level of threat was high, increasing and ever-present.

Vice President Cheney concurred by telling New Jersey rally attendees that the the notion of “reducing terrorism” is “all part of a pre-9-11 mindset.” The idea of wanting to reduce the the number of terror attacks on our soil is, “naive and dangerous.”

Am I distorting the statements of the President and Vice President?

Not nearly as desperately as they are distorting the words of John Kerry. Not even in the ballpark.

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