. . . Wednesday October 20, 2004

Booming in Baghdad

For all of those pessimistic, naysaying, doom and gloomers out there, we’ve got news for you. The real estate business is booming in Baghdad.

Take a look at this Villa For Sale in Baghdad, Iraq:


- The Villa and the house are both located in Al Qadisia district minutes from the Tigris river and close to the touristic wedding island. The area is residential calm & safe, currently both the phone and electricity system are restored in the area.

- Big bedroom

- Small bedroom

- Big basement designed also as anti-aircraft bunker with water facilities.

- Access by marble stairs

- Expanded & renovated in the 1990s…

- An obligatory condition for the sale is payment outside of Iraq.

Might make a nice spot for an annual Neocon retreat. I hear Richard Perle is a sucker for marble stairs…

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