. . . Monday October 11, 2004

Believe Me, The Feeling is Mutual

It really shouldn’t surprise anyone that the occasional moments of levity found in past campaigns are wholly missing from this one. It makes perfect sense. After all, these guys and their teams pretty much hate one another.

And it’s not just them. We all pretty much hate each other too. One less covered aspect of the rise of blogs and the citizen journalist is the fact that a large number of our words are dedicated towards blasting other bloggers who sit on the other side of the aisle turned border turned Red Sea.

Our nation has turned into a giant, ad-supported spin room.

Even folks who have abadoned both sides are filled with hate. Ralph Nader has taken to blasting the hell out of the various players in both big parties only then to offer them his heartfelt advice.

Any hopes of a post 9-11 unity among the various factions in our country are long gone.

And the hate, it seems, is not just Dem vs GOP. There has been a longstanding battle between the CIA and the citizen leaders in the Bush adminstration. It heated up during the Abu Ghraib scandal and it is white hot now.

And sure, State and Defense often have a disagreement here and there, but the current level of contempt is anything but healthy. And from what I’ve heard from enlisted folks all the way up to a former Defense Secretary, a lot of people in the military (especially the Army) cannot stand Donald Rumsfeld.

And we have seen the speed with which the Bush insiders can spit hate on those among their ranks (now universally known as the unnamed Bush mistakes) who start down that slippery slope from blind loyalty to blurry reality.

So people within the adminstration hate each other. Members of the media hate each other. Voters hate each other. I even hate myself for being the one to bring this up.

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