. . . Thursday October 7, 2004

Barbarians at the Gate

Recently we’ve heard a lot about something called pre-9-11 thinking. Well, post 9-11, does it make sense you that people should be barred from carrying a gun onto the grounds of Dulles and Reagan National airports?

When you comb the deepest recesses of your mind, do you still find it impossible to figure out how anyone could push to overturn such regulations? Well, then maybe you don’t understand the way gun lobby groups work in this country.

Yes, it’s great news out of D.C. area for gun enthusiasts. You will soon be able to legally carry firearms (and long knives and bows and arrows for that matter) onto Airport grounds and into parking lots.

Now, I know that W always explains that the number one job of a President is to protect the American people. So I anxiously await his comments on this law change.

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