. . . Monday October 11, 2004

Banking on (and with) Barack Obama

About the only bad thing you can say about Barack Obama is that he is only leading his Senate race opponent Alan Keyes by about 45 points. I would’ve predicted something closer the 99.9 and I’m making allowances for the write-in vote.

But Obama is not just winning his own race. This rising star has already moved beyond the mere Senate seat that he has yet to win.

Lately, he’s been travelling around the country to lend support to other Democratic senatorial efforts and to help, where he can, with the Kerry presidential campaign. His support comes in two primary forms. One, he uses his starpower and speaking ability to rev up campaign events in many different cities. Second, he is sharing some of the cold hard cash that his campaign no longer needs to spend.

Get this: Barack Obama recently sent a check for about fifty-three grand to Tom Daschle’s senate campaign.

So let’s review. Obama is invited to contests around the country because of his rising celebrity and unique ability to communicate. Meanwhile, he is handing out cash to campaigns being run by folks who have spent an entire career in this business.

It makes one wonder. If both Obama and Daschle win their respective races, who should Dems want to be their primary voice in the Senate? Of course, Obama could be a flash in the pan and seniority rules in the Senate. But maybe it shouldn’t.

There was a time when Steve Deberg had seniority over Joe Montana.

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