. . . Friday October 29, 2004

As the Bulge Grows

I haven’t seen a bulge story last this long since my uncle overdosed on Cialis.

Let me begin by reiterating that I’m not even sure I care if there was something beneath W’s jacket during the first debate. Whatever it was, I’m thankful for it. The decreasing of expectations for Kerry and the President’s bizarre and terrible performance in the first debate very likely shifted the advanttage in this election to the challenger.

And I’m not all that sure if there is something serious about Salon’s article about a NASA photo analyst who makes a seemingly compelling case that Bush was wearing some kind of a wire under his jacket. (We know how W feels about science.)

I find it hard to believe that Bush would risk everything for an advantage that would have been miniscule had it existed at all. I mostly find this whole story funny.

But there is just one thing that keeps bothering me about all of this. Georges de Paris, tailor to presidents for four decades, immediately explained that the bulge was the jacket. And Bush said it was definitely the shirt. Neither seems right. But it definitely can’t be both.

I’m not feeling at all conspiratorial. But I am sort of curious.

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