. . . Monday September 20, 2004

Winning the Terrorist Union Endorsement

These are core to the Republican talking points, so you had better get used to them. They will be everywhere in close races over the next several weeks.

John Thune, South Dakota challenger to Tom Daschle put the strategy on display during a debate on Meet the Press when he explained his take on Daschle’s daring to question the Bush Iraq policies:

“What it does is emboldens our enemies and undermines the morale of our troops.”

Translation: You’re either with the GOP or your with the terrorists.

This is the worst form of political slander. It’s bad for the election process and it’s bad for free speech. Oh yeah, and it turns out that most of the criticisms of the Bush Iraq strategy have turned out to be right.

But the fact is that painting your opponent as aiding the enemy has been working for Bush-Cheney. The GOP has been able to turn war heroes into enemy combatants. And until it stops working, it will keep happening. No matter whether it’s good or bad for America.

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