. . . Friday September 24, 2004

Win One for the Kippur

Gone Fishing Atoning…

Shawn Green, most famous for managing to combine a pair of mutually exclusive traits (athletic prowess and being Jewish), will observe this year’s holiest Jewish holiday by playing one game against my Giants and skipping the other. He explains:

“I talked with family and friends and got advice from a lot of people. When it came down to it, I realized that I just had to do what I feel is right and what’s most consistent with my beliefs. Everyone has different ways of expressing their beliefs. For me as a Jewish person and a teammate, I feel that this is the right decision for me.”

It sort of makes sense. A compromise based on a combination of a lot of advice, even more guilt and (because fasting is part of Yom Kippur) being really, really hungry is not what I would consider outside of the Jewish experience.

I, however, have no such flexibility. The hunger is not so much of a factor since writing doesn’t take much energy and I’m almost always at least a little lightheaded for the really important posts.

For me, it’s quite simple. Both my mom and my rabbi are regular readers of this blog. In other words, I’m sitting out for the duration of the holiday. (Given his ancestry, they’re both convinced that Kerry should be doing the same…)

For my Jewish readers, I wish you a meaningful day of atonement and an easy fast. For my non-Jewish readers, you should be ashamed of yourselves (if only to empathize with us once a year).

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