. . . Tuesday September 21, 2004

Why the WWE is Better Than Debates

Among the many detailed debating rules negotiated by teams Bush and Kerry (all of which combine to make sure nothing particularly interesting happens at any of the debates) is this one:

“At no time during these debates shall either candidate move from their designated area behind their respective podiums.”

I suppose this is a resonable rule (no doubt inspired by Gore’s stage rush towards W in 2000), but would it be all that terrible if we allowed a little contact?

This is after all an election between tough talk on one hand and actual toughness he other. Nothing would knock the now famous swagger off-stride quite like getting socked by a windsurfer.

I’d actually like to see one debate in which the moderator continually asks questions about Skull and Bones for the entire 90 minutes. (Oh, and I’d like that moderator to be Howard Stern).

Concentration is important!