. . . Wednesday September 1, 2004

Was that Paris and Nicky?

I’m not sure you can really blame Jenna and Barbara Bush for how poorly their speech went and I’m sure no one was actually offended by the performance (after all, Yale must be immune to such embarrassments by now).

But you have to wonder what they were thinking. Mixing the ideas of sex and “Gammie” is something better left for historians. And even if they were funny, references to Outkast, Bono and Sex and the City are hardly going to play in room where Ron Silver, Pat Boone and Larry Gatlin are seen as up and comers.

Anyway, everyone gets a re-do. So I’ve rewritten the twins’ speech (I’ll leave the problem of them dressing like their extras on the set of a Little Bow Wow video to someone else). Please use this version of the speech whenever referring to it in a blog or elsewhere. Come on, we were all young and undeserving of our diplomas once.

The edited speech:

“It’s great to be here. Jenna and I are really not very political. Your president and our dad, George W. Bush.”

(See, it really wasn’t that bad if you just rework a few of the jokes.)

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