. . . Friday September 3, 2004

W Gets His Bounce

The early poll numbers from Time Magazine indicate that W has achieved a significant bounce coming out of the convention. They have the President out in front by a 52%-41% margin. Note that Zogby shows a much smaller bounce.

Here some other numbers from the Time poll:

The economy:

47% trust President Bush more to handle the economy, while 45% trust Kerry.

Health care:

48% trust Senator Kerry to handle health care issues, while 42% trust Bush.


53% trust Bush to handle the situation in Iraq, while 41% trust Kerry.


57% trust Bush to handle the war on terrorism, while 36% trust Kerry.

Understanding the needs of people:

47% said they trust Kerry to understand the needs of people like themselves, while 44% trusted Bush to understand their needs.

Providing strong leadership:

56% said they trust Bush to provide strong leadership in difficult times, while 37% said they trust Kerry to provide leadership in difficult times.

Tax policy:

49% trust Bush to handle tax policy, while 40% trust Kerry.

Commanding the Armed Forces:

54% said they trust Bush to be commander-in-chief of the armed forces, while 39% said they trust Kerry.

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