. . . Thursday September 2, 2004

Theater in the Round

Leave it to the Republicans to miss the GOP in NY metaphor in the fact that they’re having the President give his speech “in the round” in a place call Madison Square Garden. But it does make a lot of sense.

As just about everyone has mentioned, these conventions are made for television exercises. Yet no other television shows on the air are this visually boring (even Charlie Rose occasionally alters his shade of black).

There’s really no good reason for these sleep-inducing stylings. Interestingly, even though he will speak from a different television set (and one that has a vibe disturbingly similar to one that eminated from last weekend’s MTV Video Music Awards), Bush will still speak at a podium. Why? Why not let these speakers out from behind the podium and let them work the room with a cordless mic? Even a subtle move like that would be so groundbreaking at one of these events that every American would be riveted and glued to their television sets throughout the address (those viewers in markets showing pre-season football games of course excepted).

What I’m calling for here is, I know, controversial, revolutionary and over the top. But I’ll still make the call. I want politicians to put a little more effort into their pandering.

I still think one of the biggest mistakes made by the Dems was to stick John Edwards behind a podium. That’s like Britney Spears showing up in a three piece suit. Why not free the speakers up? Every speaker should have a set and backdrop and musical piece and a suite of special effects that gives viewers something to look at. Edwards gets a jury. Kerry gets a band of brothers. Bush gets a choir. Clinton gets the Rockettes. And Cheney, well … I guess one speaker can just use the podium.

Tonight Bush wants the new look and he wants to be seen as a man among the people as opposed to Kerry who the Republicans position as aloof and detached. I wouldn’t be surprised if W shows up tonight wearing jeans and an undershirt.

Of course there are likely two main reasons why Bush is going with his own unique look and feel tonight. The first reason is the one I’ve described in this post. The second reason is because he probably wanted to erase any connections between his performance tonight and Zell Miller’s last night. Sometimes a few sprays of disinfectant just doesn’t do the trick.

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