. . . Tuesday September 28, 2004

Skull and Cross-Examinations

Since this is the week of debate wishing and advice, I figured I’d toss in my own idea for the perfect debate. I would like to see Jim Lehrer, Charles Gibson, Bob Schieffer and all of the carefully vetted townhall participants agree to ask, over and over and over, about only one topic.

The general question I’d like to hear asked until answered:

So come on. What’s the deal with this whole Skull and Bones thing?

Remember, whichever guy wins the debates and the election, the Bonesmen come out on top. How did we end up with two clubmembers on the same ballot for the nation’s top office?

What goes on during their initiation? Who are the members? Has either candidate for president ever done anything which, if caught on network television, would result in a massive fine from the FCC?

There are many more related questions I’d like to pose, but for some reason, my keyboard and my computer have sudddenly stopped worki…

Concentration is important!